Russia Has Deployed Fighter Jets in Disputed Islands (Satellite Imagery Intelligence)

Russia has deployed fighter jets in Iturup (択捉) island, the largest piece of the four disputed islands (“Norther Territory”) between Japan and Russia.
Our satellite imagery intelligence has revealed the fact.

Russia has two airfield in the island.

-Burevestnik (天寧):  military airfield for Russian Air Force (VKS) where stationed MiG-23 air regiment until 1993.  There had been only small helicopter detachment after dismantlement of the regiment.

-Yasnyi: civil airport newly constructed in 2014. The airport was converted to “civil-military airfield” by the Russian governmental direction No.117-r of the 30 January 2018.

The location of Northern Territory
The location of Northern Territory
Four disputed islands and airfilelds
Four disputed islands and airfields


We have found the deployments of fighter jets in both airfields: three Su-35S in Yasnyi and two Su-25 in Burevestnik.

Su-35S in Yasnyi airport
Su-35S in Yasnyi airport
Su-25s and Mi-8s in Burevestnik airfield
Su-25s and Mi-8s in Burevestnik airfield


Dates of imageries are 29 July 2018 (Yasnyi) and 30 July 2018 (Burevestnik): quite recent Russia’s military build-up movement  in the island.

This is the first military fixed-wing aircraft deployment after the withdrawal of MiG-23 in 1993.

While deployment of Su-35S was reported by local media of Sakhalin, any Russian sources mention about Su-25s in Burevestnik.

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